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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hot & Top 6 Driver’s Cars in India

1.Audi TT
Audi TT is of the fastest cars in the Indian car market. Its fantastic control, neutral handling, strong engine under the hood, and front-wheel drive system makes the car even more faster on racing tracks.

2.Audi A4
Audi A4 is a luxury car that has carved its own niche in the Indian car market. The Quattro engine, massive tyres howling, four-wheel drive system, strong brakes, and good front-end grip delivers an awesome performance. This four seat sports car shines on Indian roads as well as on tracks with the same degree of performance.

3.Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V is believed to be one of the best cars in terms of speed. It’s advanced engine, short-throw gearbox, wide tyres, and superb grip makes the car even more powerful, faster, and harder on tracks.

4.Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta is already tagged as one of the best driver’s car. Innovations in the improved version of this successful car have further enhanced the value of Fiesta. Improved steering wheel, high grip, good stability, free revving motor, superb transmission and excellent driving position has made Fiesta one of the best driver’s cars in its own segment.

5.Honda Civic Honda Civic is one of the hottest cars today both on tracks and roads. Advanced engine technology, straight-line performance, and a peppy gearbox makes Civic a favourite driver’s car.

6.Maruti Suzuki SX4
Since its inception in the Indian car market, Maruti Suzuki SX4 has taken on high as one of the best cars in its own segment. The car has a good straight-line performance on the track. Wide tyres, raised suspension, and high level of grip add to the worth of the car.

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